Clinic HealthCheck

HealthCheck IconOptimize Centricity with HealthCo’s On-Site Mentoring

To get the most from your investment in Centricity and operate your clinic at peak performance, HealthCo has devised a comprehensive HealthCheck. Our HealthCheck is a great way to optimize clinic workflows and allow Centricity to do the heavy lifting.

During the HealthCheck, you will receive hands-on help from our experts in all things Centricity. Even the most adept Centricity users can learn new tricks. Many clinics have never reassessed their use of Centricity and are operating with content and workflows implemented years ago. With the passing of time and staff turnover, knowledge and efficiencies can get diluted. A simple HealthCheck will identify weak points and help turn present-day problems into winning solutions you can act on and begin to see tangible results straight away.

5 Signs That it’s Time for a Centricity HealthCheck

  • Your clinic has new Administrative or billing staff
  • It’s been more than two years since you implemented Centricity
  • Your Centricity workflows feel burdensome and clunky
  • You have concerns about your A/R and/or claims processes
  • Clinic staff uses workarounds outside Centricity

With a quick phone call we can help determine the best HealthCheck engagement for your clinic. From a remote evaluation of your system controls to an onsite visit with follow-up consulting, our expert staff will identify problems before they become critical and help you achieve the best possible results from your reinvigorated Centricity.