GE Centricity Support

Healthco-Icon-SupportWe Solve Your EMR and PM Software Problems Right Now

HealthCo knows timely and knowledgeable support is one of the most vital components of a successful EMR and PM system in your clinic.  When a physician is with a patient and your EMR goes down, there’s no time for a lengthy call to an unknown technician in an overseas call center.

Rain or shine, HealthCo is always ready to respond to your calls for help. Your call will never be lost in a call center, because we don’t have one. Instead, we employ support professionals dedicated to your clinic—people you know by name. With over five years of tenure on average, our support pros are ready to fix the problem and provide you the skills you need to address system issues on your own in the future.

Enterprise software takes more than a read-the-manual approach. To get the most from your investment in clinic infrastructure, it’s prudent to invest the time to learn the product well, and to stay current with both product and regulatory updates. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds, that’s why we are here to serve. HealthCo has twice been named GE Healthcare’s “Value Added Reseller” of the year. Find out why our processes and dedication to customer care is to your clinic’s advantage.

Successful Clinics Know When (And Who) To Ask For Help

Our support model relies on a simple principle. You call our team and speak to a Centricity Practice Solution specialist who will walk through your support request and fix the problem.  When we get stumped (which doesn’t happen very often) our close relationship with GE Healthcare gives us access to a specialized support team dedicated to HealthCo and our clinic customers, allowing us to fix difficult problems quickly.

HealthCo has spent nearly two decades building a skilled team of U.S.-based support professionals that know Centricity Practice Solution inside and out. We never leave our partners in the clinic wondering—we are invested in your success, from planning through implementation and on-going training.