GE Centricity Implementation

Healthco-Icon-ImplementationTake Advantage of The HealthCo Head Start

Many clinics know it’s time to move to Centricity Practice Solution’s EMR and PM integrations. What’s not known continues to frighten and freeze decision makers.

To make an educated decision, clinicians must have good answers to the following questions:

  • Will the transition be difficult?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take to get up to speed?

Deploying a solution with web based training and hoping for the best simply isn’t a sound strategy given the impact these solutions have on your practice. What is needed is team of professionals who have “walked a mile in your shoes” and are uniquely qualified to adapt EMR and PM software to the particular needs your current clinic practice. 

Time To Solve The Problem, Time To See A Specialist

A successful implementation strategy for Centricity Practice Solution begins with a careful assessment of clinic needs. HealthCo’s implementation specialists average over seven years of tenure with HealthCo, and most worked as clinic administrations, IT specialists or EMR managers before joining HealthCo.  No one is better qualified to help implement EMR and PM solutions in the clinic setting.

Why not get a head start on a successful software deployment with an expert by your side to help guide you through the early stages and shape the software to your specific needs? Some clinics need a full suite of software solutions, while others simply need to move their existing PM software to a better platform.

What Centricity Practice Solution provides for a clinic focused on improving patient care:

  • Faster reimbursement for the patient care provided
  • Better patient communications and scheduling
  • Simplified adherence to regulatory updates
  • Storage solutions for old patient data
  • Custom forms, letters, reports and templates
  • Office-to-office and system-to-system interfaces for seamless data transmission
  • An off-site hosting solution that frees you from the burden of IT updates, hassles and data loss

At HealthCo, we don’t deploy and run. We are dedicated to extending the value of your software investment through careful implementation, routine training and always-on support.