Practice Management White Papers

Make Better Decisions With More Information

Adopting a new EMR or PM solution is a big step for clinics of all shapes and sizes. That’s why we encourage our prospective customers to learn as much as possible about the product and the move to Centricity Practice Solution before making a decision. At HealthCo we see how the daily use of Centricity Practice Solution leads to improved communications inside and outside the clinic walls.  Do you want to learn more about producing greater clinic efficiencies and enhanced staff performance, which lead to happier physicians and healthier patients?

The Details Are In The Downloads

GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution is enterprise level EMR and practice management software that ambulatory clinics rely on every day. To get the most from the software and boost clinic profitability, it pays to stay up on the latest developments. The software improves every year thanks to updates from GE’s engineers.

Please see the following selection of downloadable assets for more information:


Revenue Cycle Management eBook


Our revenue cycle management eBook is an in-depth look at all of the ins and outs and best practices of RCM.

PDF-Download-IconMIPS Scoring Guide

Use our new MIPS Scoring Guide to help navigate the challenges inherent in the new CMS payment model.

PDF-Download-IconMACRA: Five Important Answers

The new Quality Payment Program from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid provides new tools and resources to help you give your patients the best possible care. This whitepaper helps answer your questions about how the program works head on.

PDF-Download-IconRegret-free EMR Replacement

Upgrading EMR or billing software is a serious consideration for any clinic. This white paper helps you navigate the process and come out on top.

Mastering The EMR Selection Process

Learn more about best practices in EMR selection. This white paper maps out the selection process and identifies the most important critieria upon which to base decisions.