GE Centricity Case Studies

The Difference Between a Provider and A Partner Is A Real Difference Maker

For nearly two decades, HealthCo has maintained a singular focus. You might say we believe in doing one thing well. Thankfully, we’ve had an opportunity to serve hundreds of amazing clinics across the U.S., and all the dedicated healthcare professionals who we’ve been fortunate to call customers. Medicine attracts talented, passionate people—now, let’s hear what they have to say about HealthCo.

See the following selection of Case Studies for more details:

PDF-Download-IconCase Study: Mountain View Medical Center

Learn how this family practice with two locations overcame their fears, and a previously failed migration away from paper records, before seamlessly adopting HealthCo’s custom Centricity Practice Solution implementation, which clinic staff now rely on to provide enhance patient care.

PDF-Download-IconCase Study: Raleigh Neurological Associates

Learn how one of the largest neurology practices in the Southeast adopted the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module of Centricity Practice Solution and encouraged its 24 eligible professionals to apply its Meaningful Use-certified functionality for timely attestation.

PDF-Download-IconCase Study: Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic

Learn how Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic (a nine physician practice) uses Centricity Practice Solution to help manage rapid growth. With HealthCo’s help, KCB&J has grown patient volume by 25% since implementation. The clinic’s nine physicians are now able to see 33 patients per day and provide exceptional care while maintaining clinic profitability even as reimbursements decline.

PDF-Download-IconCase Study: Virginia Women’s Health

Learn how Virginia Women’s Center selected GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution to help manage a growing patient population and increased complexity in the field of medicine. VWC was intent on finding a system that would adapt to its existing workflows, and now realizes greater efficiencies throughout its highly specialized practice.