Practice Management Resources

Encourage Knowledge Sharing On the Road To Prosperity

When you combine the decades of experience that HealthCo’s staff has implementing, supporting and training on GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution, it adds up to a wealth of information. To help make this information useful to our customers and our prospective customers, we’ve compiled this working library that features up-to-date knowledge provided by both HealthCo and GE Healthcare. We encourage you to explore its contents and learn more about running a profitable practice.


Ask HealthCo And You Shall Receive

Like our clinic partners, HealthCo is a service provider through and through. Fundamentally, we are educators. We do not design software—we help configure software-based solutions for our clinics partners in need of EMR and PM help. From classroom instruction, to self-guided learning, HealthCo is uniquely prepared to help clinic admins and physicians learn more and do more with Centricity Practice Solution.

You can learn more via the following methods:

  • Robust training for clinic staff during the implementation phase
  • Regularly scheduled training (online, in our classrooms, and at the clinic)
  • White papers and case studies
  • Phone support
  • Timely articles written to address your questions and concerns on the new company blog

If you have a question about Centricity Practice Solution that you can’t find an answer for, send us a note and we will help.