Meet Kim Cone, Implementation Consultant

Kim Cone was a HealthCo customer for 10 years at a cardiology clinic near Phoenix. At the time, she helped her clinic migrate from paper records to electronic medical records. “I always liked the people at HealthCo. They were incredibly helpful and friendly, so one day (eight years ago) I asked if they had any open positions,” says Kim.

The answer was affirmative and Kim has been working closely with our customers across the country ever since. Today, Kim leverages her strong clinical background to assist HealthCo customers with EMR implementations, version updates and workflow optimizations. “I really enjoy helping customers mold the product to the needs of their practice,” Kim says. “The best reward is helping our customers succeed in their business.”

From building out custom forms, to advising clinic staff on Meaningful Use and MIPS, Kim loves to figure out new solutions to customer problems. Because she’s a natural problem solver, Kim is excited to help roll out Project Northstar to the customer base in the coming years. Kim describes Northstar as physician-focused software. “GE Healthcare asked a lot of questions and put a lot of forethought into this upgrade.”

Let’s hear more directly from Kim in this quick Q+A:

Can you explain ‘physician-focused’ software in more detail?

GE Healthcare is revamping their software to make it more user-friendly by reducing clicks, incorporating smart technology, and improving provider efficiency. They have been focusing their efforts by gleaning customer input to ensure they are providing their customers with the best product.

What are the five things you need to know to survive the Arizona heat?

1. Learn to drive with one finger because the steering wheel is too hot to hold onto.
2. Park in any shaded parking spot no matter how far away it is from the store.
3. Don’t take a selfie with a rattlesnake.
4. Run your errands in the morning when it is cooler—under 100 degrees.
5. Drink lots and lots of water!

What is your favorite thing about traveling for work, and the best thing about coming home to Arizona?

I love meeting new people, going to new locations, and trying the local restaurants. I have some really cool stories from the travels/adventures I have been on when going onsite with our customers. The best thing to come home to is my family. They are my everything!

What plans do you have this summer?

We are going to see the Grand Canyon, visit Bearizona Wildlife Park, take a campus tour of Northern Arizona University (our daughter is graduating from high school next year), and spend time at our family’s cabin.

If you could give just one tip to clinics seeking to meet MIPS this year, what would it be?

Regularly check CQR to ensure your providers are keeping on track to achieve the highest numbers for ACI and Quality measures.