Meet Glenn Jones, Regional Sales Rep for Arizona

Glenn Jones is not your typical salesman, which is perfect since HealthCo is not a typical EMR vendor. “I was looking for a company to join that is focused on support and service,” says Glenn. “There are practices who don’t understand technology, and we’re in a position to extend a hand.”


Glenn learned a lot about technology, operations, and sales while working for DrFirst, the e-prescribing software as a service company. DrFirst is also a Centricity partner, so Glenn comes to HealthCo with hands-on knowledge of the GE Healthcare product suite. Glenn was the firm’s Inside Sales Manager during I-STOP, a monitoring program for prescribed narcotics usage mandated by the state of New York. This resulted in the state’s overall eRx adoption to go from one of the lowest states in the country to being first.

In addition to gaining an understanding of the healthcare IT industry, Glenn acquired advanced training in business intelligence software. He’s worked closely with senior executives to provide key insights. His grasp of data and analytics is useful, to say the least.

A native of Arizona, Glenn enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, and four-wheeling with his wife and two daughters. “We head for the Mogollon Rim to beat the heat,” he says. He and his wife, who is an RN, also volunteer at CASS, a homeless shelter in downtown Phoenix.

Let’s hear more directly from Glenn in this quick Q+A:

Q. Do people have a misconception about the role of a modern salesman?
A. Yes. Though, I would put the blame mainly on the sales communities. We call ourselves ‘consultants’ and ‘advisors’. Then, we proceed to sell based on product features rather than fulfilling a consultant or advisor role that listens first to identify issues and opportunities that may help the customer succeed.

Q. You’re from “The Valley”. How has the area changed since you were a kid?
A. The Valley has grown rapidly. I’ve seen multiple freeways added and farmlands urbanized. Recently, a lot of people have moved here from places like Minnesota, Chicago, and Canada, if only for part of the year. We get a lot of snowbirds here.

Q. As you look to connect with new clinics in Arizona, what is the best way to make an introduction?

A. . I try to be transparent with who I am and what my intentions are. My focus is to provide customer value by providing educational resources that help solve clinic challenges.

Q. What kind of fish do you fish for? Where do you go fishing?

A. Trout, and I frequent the lakes on the Mogollon Rim; Woods Canyon, Knoll, and Chevelon.

Q. What drew you to pursue a sales career in healthcare IT?
A. The idea that I can help practices and clinicians understand and use technology more to positively impact their patients and community. That, and it’s exciting to be a part of an industry in the process of digitizing.

Q. Did you make a new ROI Calculator for HealthCo clients to use? How does it work?

A. It’s a tool for our team to use to provide additional value to our customers. Part of our job is to help with research and the purchasing process. We created the ROI calculator for our electronic medication prior authorization solution to show just how much time and money is saved. It’s a way for our customers to champion their particular needs among the other stakeholders in their organization.

Q. Wildcats or Sun Devils?
A. Sun Devils.