Revenue Cycle Management

Healthy Profits for Ambulatory Clinics

Revenue Cycle Management is at the heart of a profitable clinic. The goal is healthy patients. The path to this goal is a healthy clinic, where accounts receivable is under control, problem claims are spotted before they’re submitted, data is optimized for maximum reimbursement, and the administrative team is supported and happy in their jobs. To this end, we invite you to explore GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution which includes all the functionality that can help perfect your workflows and increase overall team efficiency and clinic profitably.

If you are looking to learn more, our Revenue Cycle Management eBook provides an in-depth look at the ins and outs of revenue cycle management and our Revenue Cycle Management White Paper can help you determine if your clinic is getting the revenue it deserves.


Centricity Practice Management Software

Centricity PM is the business side of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution software suite for ambulatory clinics. HealthCo customers rely on this full-featured practice management software to successfully operate in today’s complex regulatory environment, where the simple act of getting paid is now far from simple. With GE Healthcare’s Practice Management solution in place, clinic team members are able to reduce manual billing and time-consuming paperwork, speed up the payment process, and process claims more effectively. On its own, or paired with Centricity EMR, Centricity PM is a powerful solution for clinics who are struggling to reduce costs and boost workplace productivity.

Hosted Claims Manager

Use Hosted Claims Manager to maximize your clinic’s revenue cycles, improve claims accuracy, and remain compliant with ever-changing government regulations. Don’t let reworking insurance claims bog your team down. Hosted Claims Manager offers database editing and a flexible rules engine that applies your customized rules to payer-specific contracts before they leave the system. Keep claims on track and revenue moving through the system with this “must-have” enhancement to your Practice Management system.

Claim Submission

With over 1000 health plans in existence, how do clinics manage the built-in complexity of rule changes and other updates? The answer is Claim Submission, a key part of the Centricity Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI) suite of products. With Claim Submission in place, your clinic no longer needs to maintain multiple connections with individual insurers. Even claims you currently print can be submitted electronically, streamlining your insurance billing workflows.

Electronic Remittance

Receiving timely insurance payment is essential, but in a busy clinic with hundreds of patients coming through the door each week, keeping track of the revenue is a mountain of work (when performed manually). Thankfully, there’s a much better way today. The clinics that use Electronic Remittance in conjunction with Centricity PM, are able to: + automatically post payments per line item + apply adjustments with reason codes + transfer responsibility to the patient as appropriate. This automated process frees the administrative team to focus on collections and rejected claims, thereby producing more income for the clinic.

Electronic Eligibility

Due to the increasing complexity of today’s insurance and regulatory environments, pre-determining a patient’s eligibility for recommended services is critical to both the patient and clinic. With Electronic Eligibility, clinics can request individual or batched eligibility requests to the clearinghouse for immediate response. Responses are then stored in Centricity’s practice management system, making the patient’s eligibility available for future review.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) / Community Health Centers (CHC) Solutions

Meeting the various reporting requirements often associated with funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Community Health Centers (CHC) is a challenge for any organization. We recommend implementing additional functionality with enhanced workflows to capture the additional data required for Centricity Practice Solution to meet these complex needs. Offering reporting and data capture relative to family size and income levels, as well as other required demographic data, FQHC and CHC customers are provided powerful insights into their served populations.