Prescription Management

Tighten Up Your Prescription Process In 3 Easy Steps

Determining which medications your patients need is your domain expertise, but managing the prescription process can be maddening for clinic staff, pharmacists, and patients when the process is not automated and integrated into the clinic’s EMR. Why allow this administrative pain to linger inside your clinic for even one more day? Simply apply the following functional enhancements to Centricity EMR and start ensuring the safe and speedy delivery of pre-authorized prescriptions to pharmacies. Your patients will thank you, pharmacists will thank you, and your lawyer will also be pleased that you’ve addressed another area of legal vulnerability inside your practice.


The days of handwritten prescriptions have mostly faded into memory. Today, providers access, verify, and move critical patient data around in a just few keystrokes. GE Centricity’s ePrescribe functionality is a critical component in this daily mix. With ePrescribe, your clinicians can now electronically:

  • Transmit accurate prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Receive eligibility and formulary information
  • Display medication fill history information

Providers can also use ePrescribe’s time saving commands and built-in tools to increase prescription accuracy. For example, the dosing calculator factors a patient’s weight and other health data to assist physicians in writing orders with confidence.

Electronic Medication Pre-Authorization (EMPA)

Manual medication prior authorization costs your clinic time and money, while failing to serve patients. Did you know that 90% of prior authorization requests require a phone call or fax to complete? That’s a tax on your team that EMPA removes.

EMPA increases your team’s efficiency and enhances care quality. Can you imagine never needing to populate prior authorization forms again? Add to that a steep reduction in the number of prior authorization requests, along with a high number of automatically approved prescriptions, and you can see why EMPA is a great answer for your clinic, your patients, and for pharmacies.

Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Clinics and pharmacies are struggling to control the misuse of opioids and other prescription medications. Thankfully, we have a new tool to address this growing problem. EPCS uses identity proofing, two factor authentication, and biometrics to make the prescribing process seamless and safe.

When you submit prescription information via EPCS, the patient data is crosschecked against the Drug Enforcement Agency’s database in a digital instant. Protect your patients and your clinic. With EPCS, your clinic can:

  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent, stolen, or altered prescriptions
  • Eliminate dual workflows
  • Protect patients and save them time at the pharmacy
  • Create an official record for legal and auditing purposes