GE Centricity Practice Management

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Running a successful clinic takes more than the combined medical prowess of the partners in the practice—it takes the coordinated efforts of a dozen or more dedicated people, some with skills in accounting and other aspects of business operations. It also takes a robust Practice Management solution from GE Healthcare and a partner like HealthCo to stay a step ahead of all the regulatory changes that impact clinic workflow, and your bottom line.

Effective Practice Management Is The Path To Profits

HealthCo works closely with physicians and clinic administrators to develop successful data flows for the clinic, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced cash flow.

With a GE Healthcare’s Practice Management solution in place, clinic staff can:

  • Reduce manual billing and paperwork
  • Speed up the payment process for better cash flow
  • Process claims more efficiently and effectively
  • Schedule patient visits on the fly
  • Share information with other staff the clinic
  • Easily add new patients to the database

HealthCo offers a deep understanding of practice management needs at the clinic level. With our help, clinics can move to a powerful PM solution that makes tasks like scheduling, billing and insurance claims much easier to manage. Whether on its own or paired with the EMR platform, Centricity Practice Solution’s PM functionality makes for a powerful practice solution, which helps reduce costs and boost workplace productivity.