GE Centricity EMR

ge-emr-iconThe Right Way To Manage Electronic Medical Records

Physicians are dedicated to helping take good care of people. It’s a noble pursuit that most doctors dedicate their lives to and spend decades working to perfect. But nothing adequately prepares a physician to run a clinic, or to manage something as complex as an Electronic Medical Record system. For both of these tasks, it’s a learn-on-the-job scenario and one that can distract physicians and their staff from their core mission of caring for patients.

Clinics from Coast-to-Coast Rely On Centricity Practice Solution for EMR

Clinics are obligated by law to keep patient records secure. But it’s not as simple as placing them under lock and key, for the records must also be instantly accessible to a variety of healthcare professionals, inside and outside the clinic setting. GE Healthcare provides an elegant solution for clinics seeking to integrate EMR with revenue cycle and practice management solutions.

HealthCo works closely with clinics to customize an EMR setup and create a system that will:

  • Eliminate paper records and optimize clinic workflows
  • Reduce administrative headaches and overall clinic costs
  • Interface easily with local hospitals, pharmacies, labs and state health systems.
  • Facilitate benchmarking for pay-for-performance attestation
  • Allow ePrescribing for better pharmacy communications
  • Empower patients to schedule appointments, and securely access billing statements and lab results

During the implementation phase, HealthCo runs through a checklist of nearly 200 different needs that clinics may have for EMR. Some physicians prefer to use one template over another, or prefer to use speech recognition software—whatever the need, we find a working EMR solution for our customers.