GE Centricity Add-on Functionality

Functionality That Completes The Suite

To get the most from Centricity Practice Solution and improve clinical workflows, consider the following add-on products to help you complete the suite.

By adding the following functionality to your clinic’s Centricity EMR and practice management software, you can optimize your clinic’s health information technology for maximum value and return on investment. In a world where merit based pay and value-based care are essential, getting the most from Centricity is too.

Please ask us about integrating any or all of the following add-on functionality to your existing Centricity configuration.


Centricity Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI)

The Centricity EDI Clearinghouse spans the entire revenue cycle workflow, from eligibility checking to claim submission to electronic remittance. We also provide tools to analyze how your organization is performing financially.

CEDI: Hosted Claims Manager

Use this claim-scrubbing product to automate the process of claim review prior to submission. Proactive edit engine inserts correct claim criteria to ensure on-time payment.

CEDI: Claim Submission

As a single claims destination clearinghouse, using CEDI makes claims submission easy. CEDI has connections to national and local payers eliminating the need for point to point connection with individual insurance carriers and streamlining claims submission.

CEDI: Electronic Remittance

The electronic processing of insurance payments eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Most insurance carriers generate a standard electronic remittance advice for easy processing with Centricity.

CEDI: Electronic Eligibility

By electronically checking insurance eligibility through Centricity, you reduce the need to validate insurance eligibility for patients on Insurance Carrie websites. Validating patient Insurance Eligibility reduces claim denial rates.

CEDI: Denials IQ

By using Denials IQ for predictive analysis, you can spot claims that will be rejected before they are submitted. When you uncover unseen trends from within claims denials you improve financial performance by avoiding future denials before they occur.

Patient Engagement

Patient Portal

Use the ezAccess Patient Portal to easily display financial policies and HIPAA notifications; acquire patient signatures on forms; send messages and follow up with patients about their visit; collect key demographic and health data on each patient; motivate patients to pay on time for services received.

Electronic Statements

Instead of printing and mailing patient statements from your office, our Electronic Statement service does this for you, relieving your staff of this time-consuming work.

Online Bill Pay

Make it easy for patients to pay their bill, online, anytime. Proven to increase patient payment rates, add this service to Electronic Statements and simplify your patient collection process.

Prescription Management

Electronic Medication Preauthorization (EMPA)

Electronic processing of medication preauthorization boosts your efficiency and enhances care quality, by making sure your patients are able to get the medications they need when they need them.

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

The electronic prescribing of controlled substances improves patient safety and can decrease drug abuse and diversion. EPCS adds a functionality to the e-Prescribing features in Centricity to help fight opioid addiction, drug diversion and overdose deaths.

Software Support

Hosting Services

HealthCo offers a full-service hosted environment for Centricity applications eliminating the burden of server hardware and software maintenance. In our hosting environment, software backups, updates and maintenance are done automatically.

Healthcare Connections

Chasing medical information or repeating tests is time intensive and expensive. Using the advancements in technology and interoperability, Healthcare Connections uses the Carequality national data sharing model to exchange data and support continuity of care across disparate systems. Carequality allows Centricity to share data with providers on other systems, including EPIC and Cerner.


Value Pack Reporting

Choose from over 300 of these custom-made reports. From A/R to appointments and reimbursement summaries, HealthCo’s Value Pack Reporting is ready to help make your work life much easier. As new reports are requested we update the Value Pack database, giving you access to the latest reports to help you run a better business.