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Better Data Leads To Improved Care And Higher Profits

Meeting the various reporting and measurement standards imposed by CMS is no cakewalk. On one hand, clinicians must be adept at change management. On the other, they must be technically proficient and knowledge rich.

There can be no doubt that successfully practicing medicine today requires clinicians to overcome several significant challenges. It’s our job to reduce at least one challenge—and we do, by clearing the path to payment under value-based care.

Shiv Gopalkrishnan, GE Healthcare’s General Manager of Enterprise Financial Management Solutions, addresses one problem head-on when he asks, “How can we deliver solutions faster through the cloud?”

In busy clinics, resources are limited, which puts an extra onus on technology to do more of the heavy lifting. As Centricity migrates to the cloud in 2018 and beyond, physicians and practice managers will begin to benefit from the “no touch, low touch solutions” that help drive automation, which leads to optimized workflows and a notable reduction in workloads around the clinic.

Gopalkrishnan says, “Whether it is clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, or operational outcomes, we know with value-based care, these are all going to be tied together. You’re going to get paid because you demonstrate clear clinical outcomes and quality of clinical outcomes.” He adds, “It’s very important that we deliver a solution suite that helps clinics achieve these net financials.”

In order to deliver the results our partners in clinics count on, GE Healthcare and HealthCo bring a true understanding into provider workflows and reporting requirements. Thanks to our years of experience working in clinics and with clinics, we also understand the pressures involved (in making big changes) and how to relieve them.

Let’s recap. The “Triple Aim” of value-based care can be summarized like so:

    1) Reduce the cost of healthcare
    2) Enhance the patient experience
    3) Improve population health

At HealthCo, we are on board with all of the above. We also come to work each day ready to deliver on these core promises:

    4) Enhance care quality
    5) Improve provider efficiency
    6) Strengthen financial performance

We know the move from fee-for-service to value-based care is a big change, and the entire transition cannot normally be made all at once. It takes time, a solid plan, and reconfiguration of systems to properly record the numerous measures of quality that help determine the overall health of your patient population.

Remember, you need to demonstrate improvement to get paid today.

According to RevCycle Intelligence:

Value-based reimbursements are calculated by using numerous measures of quality in determining the overall health of populations. Unlike the traditional model, value-based care is driven by data because providers must report to payers on specific metrics and demonstrate improvement. Providers may have to track and report on hospital readmissions, adverse events, population health, patient engagement, and more.

We are happy to help you refine your tracking procedures and update your workflows to meet the need of value-based care. Measuring the full set of outcomes that matter most to patients is indispensable to better meeting patients’ needs. It is also one of the most powerful vehicles for lowering health care costs. Let’s work on it together. Better care at a lower cost is a promise for the future that is within reach today.

Measure Methodically To Make A Major Difference

Clinics are working overtime to meet the demands of value-based care.

In today’s healthcare environment, it pays to have a firm grasp on your clinic’s key performance indicators. That’s why we made this new visual aid to help elevate the importance of tracking to your clinic’s bottom line.

HC_KPI tracker poster_6

Chris Lay of Cascade Orthopedics says, “Centricity provides the necessary reporting for our billing and collections team to really analyze the data. Our surgeon-owner has an M.B.A., and he expects quality data to be delivered in a timely manner, which we’re able to deliver with HealthCo.”

We love to hear positive testimony like Chris’s because it validates our focus on helping clinics track key metrics and sift through quality data.

Order your own Clinic KPIs poster today. The poster arrives with a set of instructions for best use, and we are happy to discuss KPIs in greater detail on the phone or in person.

Provide Your Clinic the Best of Both: Enterprise Technology and Stellar Support

GE Healthcare is a leading technology company, driving perpetual innovation in one of the world’s most dynamic industries. We are an award-winning value-added reseller of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution—a complete suite of financial and clinical solutions for the ambulatory clinic market.

Together, GE Healthcare’s and HealthCo offer the best-of-both-worlds solution for clinics. Clinics receive the enterprise-level technology they need to be successful from a global powerhouse, all backed by the hands-on training, implementation and support needed to get the most from their systems and support the delivery of value-based care.

HealthCo is somewhat unique in our singular focus. We don’t create software—we make software more usable and effective for our partners in clinics. We know that clinics have many options when it comes to installing or upgrading EMR and financial software systems. It’s a competitive arena with everything from small startups who focus in a narrow field, and a handful of powerful players with one-size-fits-all pseudo-solutions. We’re proud to present a clear alternative to either of those directions. Our team of talented individuals—many with clinical administration experience—work hard to help clinics customize and optimize for today’s regulatory and payment challenges.

There are software vendors who prefer to deploy and run. Provided that their software is simple enough to “plug-and-play,” that approach could be workable, but we’ve yet to see an EMR or financial suite of software solutions that would be considered anywhere close to plug-and-play. To run a clinic’s financial and clinical operations today, the software systems and staff training needs can be considerable. Thankfully, Centricity is a modular software system where clinics are able to enjoy all or just some of the functionality, depending on their particular needs.

To help our partners in clinics thrive, it is our job to know Centricity inside and out. For instance, we must understand the clinic business as well as our own, and be able to see what’s coming around the bend. The mix of regulatory updates, changes to payer rules, increased patient financial responsibilities, and other factors help make Healthcare IT one of the most exciting and challenging fields to work in today.

Deploying the right technology for a clinic’s particular needs opens the door to better workflows, greater efficiencies, and improved business results. We are proud to offer GE Healthcare’s technology and demonstrate to our customers how to get the greatest return possible from their investments. Profitable clinics that run smoothly are better able to serve patients, and deliver improved outcomes. GE Healthcare and HealthCo are proud to be part of the value-based care solution.

For more information about GE Healthcare initiatives, hear directly from John Flannery, Sr. Vice President and CEO at GE Healthcare: