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GE Healthcare Recognized As Leader in Revenue Cycle Management

SANTA CLARA—Based on its recent analysis of the revenue cycle management (RCM) industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes GE Healthcare with the 2017 North America Enabling Technology Leadership Award for its highly customized, scalable, and agile RCM IT solutions for hospitals, ambulatory practices, specialty practices, health plans, billing companies, managed service organizations, and other stakeholders.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products but also enables the development of new products and applications. The award recognizes the high market acceptance potential of the recipient’s technology.

Despite the widespread adoption of basic RCM IT solutions, most US healthcare providers still grapple with low operating margins resulting from poor accounts receivable (A/R) performance and high average denial volumes. As a result, hospitals across the country lose approximately $262 billion per year on denied claims from insurers. Frost & Sullivan observed that many large healthcare providers, including accountable care organizations, integrated delivery networks, and group practices, continue to manage revenue cycles in silos, without taking advantage of an RCM IT solution that can drive RCM performance while managing all payment models. This often results in underpayments and lost rebates and incentives from payers.

“Healthcare providers have long struggled with the difficulty of implementing enterprise-wide RCM solutions,” said Koustav Chatterjee, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “In our analysis, we found GE Healthcare’s value proposition to be unique, disruptive and pioneering from the context of the US RCM vendor market. The company’s solutions integrate with virtually any EHR [electronic health record] and can help facilitate clinical and financial analytics across the enterprise while delivering informed workflows that drive the outcomes that are critical to organizations’ success.”

“GE Healthcare is proud to have been recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the Best Practices Award for Enabling Technology in Revenue Cycle Management,” said Shiv Gopalkrishnan, Vice President, GE Healthcare. “This award is a testament to our commitment to helping our customers deliver the revenue cycle outcomes necessary to enable them to pursue their mission of caring for their community.”

Ge Healthcare’s RCM IT solution begins with their flagship solution, Centricity™ Business, which enables health systems to manage both ambulatory and hospital RCM all on one RCM platform and can be combined with a range of other value-added financial solutions. GE Healthcare takes payer connectivity to the next level by offering Centricity EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Services to optimize billing process, DenialsIQ™ to reduce the costly impact of denied claims, and Centricity Payer Connect to ensure that customers can monitor, benchmark, and respond to gaps in care in real time and prevent revenue leakage.

GE Healthcare’s financial management solution portfolio spcifically improves the following:

  • Payment experience for patients: Patient-portal connectivity (incumbent or external portal) provides effective scheduling and built-in payment modules for informed financial decision-making.
  • Value-based payment model adoption and care management for providers and payer-providers: For healthcare organizations engaged in risk-based contracts and value-based reimbursement ranging from shared savings to global capitation, GE Healthcare provides highly scalable solutions that streamline management of administrative costs, utilization, and care coordination of patient populations.
  • Cost management for all: The company’s point-of-service toolkits can estimate patient liability and propensity to pay, thereby preventing loss of revenue. Additionally, with the help of EDI and DenialsIQ, patient eligibility assessment is digitized, claim errors are auto-highlighted, and denials are managed with predictive analytics.

“GE Healthcare enables its customers to achieve tangible financial outcomes that are better than the industry standards,” said Chatterjee. “For example, GE Healthcare’s top 20 ambulatory customers’ average number of A/R days is at least 10% lower than average. This is achieved through its efficiency in A/R management, using a persistent approach to optimizing patient access processes, streamlining billing workflows, pre-adjudicating claims, and automating financial reporting around claim denials’ root-cause analysis and regulatory adherence.”

GE Healthcare has been successful in driving a consolidated, value-based care approach for its customers. The company has demonstrated its proven expertise in streamlining costs and optimizing collections through an impressive portfolio of IT solutions combined with optimization services that ensure greater financial performance. For these reasons, GE Healthcare has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 North America Enabling Technology Leadership Award.

HealthCo Stacks Its Lineup With Another GE Centricity Pro

TUALATIN—HealthCo Information Systems, a value-added reseller of GE Healthcare software for medical practices, has hired veteran software executive William Giacone to lead the sales organization. Giacone joins HealthCo directly from GE Healthcare, where he served as a top performing Regional Sales Executive on the East Coast until last August.

Before joining GE Healthcare, Giacone was a founder of Virtual OfficeWare (VOW), the next largest GE Centricity VAR, after HealthCo and Quatris. While at VOW, Giacone did many of his own product demos and worked directly with VOW’s early customers before taking on sales leadership and other duties as the organization grew.

Giacone is now the leader of a five-person sales team at HealthCo, and he is excited to bring his consultative approach and industry experience to HealthCo’s customers in ambulatory practices.

“For the past few years, the need for revenue cycle management and financial risk management tools has been great,” says Giacone. “I see that trend continuing as clinics struggle to capture revenue, keep and train staff, and meet their financial performance goals.”

Giacone is also intent on helping clinics that run Centricity begin, continue, or finish their migration to the cloud. “Physicians and practice administrators want to protect their patient data at all costs,” says Giacone. “GE Healthcare and HealthCo both understand their concerns and how to help clinics take the next steps into a more flexible and secure data environment.”

Giacone is a graduate of Hofstra University in New York and a lifelong Mets fan.

Clinics Trust GE Healthcare for Good Reason

Trust between physician and patient is sacred. Trust between clinic and EHR provider is as well. That’s why news that top executives at EHR software provider, eClinicalWorks, willfully manipulated their software to achieve federal certification has rightfully sent shockwaves across the industry.

Clinic admins and physicians are now all asking the tough questions:

  • Are quality incentive payments at risk for my clinic?
  • Has my EHR vendor done something similar?
  • Should I consider moving to another platform?

Let’s admit that we sometimes compete with eClinicalWorks. Let’s also admit that we’re nothing like them. HealthCo is a value-added reseller for GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution. GE Healthcare is not a startup, nor the kind of firm that risks its reputation. GE Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar division of GE and a globally respected brand with way too much to lose to play fast and loose with the truth or federal regulation.

The False Claims Act lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice alleges that eClinicalWorks hardcoded drug codes into its EHR software to comply with certification testing; did not adequately manage imaging orders or drug interactions; and failed to meet data portability requirements. In addition to a $155 million fine, the company has entered into a five-year Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA).

Making matters worse, the company also settled a case that stated eClinicalWorks paid customers in exchange for recommendations of its software to potential customers, a violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute.

“Electronic health records have the potential to improve the care provided to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, but only if the information is accurate and accessible,” said Special Agent in Charge Phillip Coyne of HHS-OIG. “Those who engage in fraud that undermines the goals of EHR or put patients at risk can expect a thorough investigation and strong remedial measures such as those in the novel and innovative Corporate Integrity Agreement in this case.”

The CIA requires eClinicalWorks to give customers the option to transfer their data to another EHR software provider without penalties or service charges. While current eClinicalWorks customers don’t necessarily need an added incentive to make the move, this savings is helpful to take the first step.

When trust is violated in this manner, it can cast a shadow on the entire industry. We welcome any and all questions that you might have about the case, and how the overall quality and safety of your clinic’s medical records are assured through HealthCo’s hands-on consulting and GE Healthcare’s superior technology and corporate integrity.

Healthcare Connections Solves A Massive Interoperability Problem

We have the technology to solve many of the world’s most threatening diseases. Why do we still struggle to make disparate EMRs “communicate” to each other? The good news is those dark days are fast coming to a sunny end.

Thanks to Healthcare Connections—important new complementary functionality from GE Healthcare—clinics who use Centricity will now be able to send and receive medical records to and from EPIC, Cerner, and other EMR vendors that participate in Carequality.

Due to the inherent promise of better patient care, many clinics are eager to adopt this new software bridge. Currently, HealthCo is rolling out Healthcare Connections in a handful of beta sites. The second such clinic in the nation to adopt the technology is Swedish Urology in Seattle, WA. Our installation of Healthcare Connections now enables the clinic to seamlessly transfer data between their Centricity EMR and the Swedish Hospital system, which uses EPIC.

Today, patients are ultimately responsible for the transfer of any medical records from a hospital admission to their primary care physicians and specialists or by cumbersome faxing. By adding Healthcare Connections to Centricity, clinics will be able to seamlessly receive electronic transfer of patient records. Healthcare Connections takes an imperfect and labor-heavy process and turns it into a push-button process that takes seconds.

This critical new functionality is an outcome of GE Healthcare’s membership in The Sequoia Project’s Carequality initiative, and focus on improving patient care and outcomes through Project Northstar. Carequality provides a way forward by utilizing a nationwide, consensus-built common interoperability framework.

In the bold new Carequality world, patient’s charts are seamlessly integrated between systems. This is the continuity of care that physicians and patients have longed for, but haven’t had access to until now. It’s another big step toward true interoperability and value-based care. We are excited to bring Healthcare Connections to our beta testers like Swedish Urology, and to all of our clients in 2018.

Back from Boston with Good News

In our industry, we attend conferences in order to meet with our customers, meet new customers, and to hear the latest marketplace developments and product news directly from our peers. Centricity Healthcare User Group and Centricity Live are particularly important industry events. Last week in Boston nearly 2000 customers, partners and GE Healthcare staff (from multiple product lines and disciplines) gathered to mingle, to learn and to plan.

To be clear, this is two events in one. CLIVE teamed with CHUG, an independent organization made up of Centricity EMR and Practice Management users. In tandem, the two marquis events offer a once a year opportunity to learn about new product innovations and best practices for current platforms.

With too many highlights to contain in just one post, I’ll touch on a few of the key messages from the first day of the conference:

  • Charles Koontz, CEO of GE Healthcare IT, shared the stage with Keith Dreyer, Chief Data Science Officer of Mass Gen Hospital to announce a 10-year partnership between GE and Partners HealthCare to drive improvement in artificial intelligence for healthcare. (Learn more)
  • John Zimmerman, VP and GM of Clinical Business Solutions, announced from the stage that May 18, 2017, marks the day that the team focused on delivering solutions to ambulatory clinics turned their focus to providing the correct outcomes for customers in every product developed and launched in the future. In our new value-based care world, this is a critical new focus for GE Healthcare.
  • The closing keynote left everyone in attendance inspired and a bit teary eyed. Five people impacted by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing spoke about their experiences. These included first responders, physicians and victims. Adrianne Haslet-Davis was the center of attention. She lost her leg in the bombing, only to return and run the event in 2016. (Learn more)

HealthCo’s management team returned to Portland inspired and motivated by the pace of innovation, and the product developments on the immediate horizon. From Project Northstar to helping clinics implement new functionality like Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and Electronic Medication Preauthorization (EMPA), there’s a lot of interest in Centricity right now. It’s exciting to be part of important industry shifts like the move to value-based care and migration to the cloud. Ultimately, we’re part of an ecosystem that’s dedicated to solving problems for clinics and patients. When we do our jobs right, we create greater efficiencies for our clients and healthier results for their patients. That’s a lot to be grateful for and motivated by, all wrapped into one.

Provide Your Clinic the Best of Both: Enterprise Technology and Stellar Support

GE Healthcare is a leading technology company, driving perpetual innovation in one of the world’s most dynamic industries. We are an award-winning value-added reseller of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution—a complete suite of financial and clinical solutions for the ambulatory clinic market.

Together, GE Healthcare’s and HealthCo offer the best-of-both-worlds solution for clinics. Clinics receive the enterprise-level technology they need to be successful from a global powerhouse, all backed by the hands-on training, implementation and support needed to get the most from their systems and support the delivery of value-based care.

HealthCo is somewhat unique in our singular focus. We don’t create software—we make software more usable and effective for our partners in clinics. We know that clinics have many options when it comes to installing or upgrading EMR and financial software systems. It’s a competitive arena with everything from small startups who focus in a narrow field, and a handful of powerful players with one-size-fits-all pseudo-solutions. We’re proud to present a clear alternative to either of those directions. Our team of talented individuals—many with clinical administration experience—work hard to help clinics customize and optimize for today’s regulatory and payment challenges.

There are software vendors who prefer to deploy and run. Provided that their software is simple enough to “plug-and-play,” that approach could be workable, but we’ve yet to see an EMR or financial suite of software solutions that would be considered anywhere close to plug-and-play. To run a clinic’s financial and clinical operations today, the software systems and staff training needs can be considerable. Thankfully, Centricity is a modular software system where clinics are able to enjoy all or just some of the functionality, depending on their particular needs.

To help our partners in clinics thrive, it is our job to know Centricity inside and out. For instance, we must understand the clinic business as well as our own, and be able to see what’s coming around the bend. The mix of regulatory updates, changes to payer rules, increased patient financial responsibilities, and other factors help make Healthcare IT one of the most exciting and challenging fields to work in today.

Deploying the right technology for a clinic’s particular needs opens the door to better workflows, greater efficiencies, and improved business results. We are proud to offer GE Healthcare’s technology and demonstrate to our customers how to get the greatest return possible from their investments. Profitable clinics that run smoothly are better able to serve patients, and deliver improved outcomes. GE Healthcare and HealthCo are proud to be part of the value-based care solution.

For more information about GE Healthcare initiatives, hear directly from John Flannery, Sr. Vice President and CEO at GE Healthcare: