Our Leaders Like To Listen and Learn

Leadership of a company starts at the top, but it doesn’t end there. The entire HealthCo team takes its clues from leadership, which places a great responsibility on the leaders of the company—not just to lead, but also to listen intently to the ongoing needs of staff and customers, and to respond with winning strategies and solutions.

Jim_3544_113   Dustin Wienecke, President   Cari Thomas, CFO   Andrea Cunningham, Director of Professional Services    Bill Giacone, Director of Sales


Jim Paulson, Chief Executive Officer

Jim Paulson joined HealthCo as CEO in May 2016 after having served on HealthCo’s Board of Directors. Prior to joining HealthCo Jim led one of Portland’s most storied software growth companies—Viewpoint—through a 7-fold increase in revenues and employee growth from 150 to almost 800 employees over the past eight years. Jim brings a unique perspective into HealthCo’s key partner, GE Healthcare, having led a $200 million product P&L within GE. “Serving on the HealthCo board prior to being offered the CEO role, provided me an opportunity to get to know the incredibly talented team of professionals that work tirelessly every day to help our healthcare providers deliver effective, efficient, and enhanced care in an increasingly complex and ever-changing healthcare environment,” Jim says. “There is so much passion and knowledge in our employees around improving patient outcomes. My focus is on making sure we have the right resources focused on the right priorities and continuing to foster the customer-focused culture that is embedded in every HealthCo employee.”

Hometown: Janesville, Wisconsin
Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers (yes, I’m a cheesehead)
Favorite Food/Restaurant: Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Chicago Pizza
Favorite Music: Motown (but I have an eclectic palate from Bon Jovi and Journey to Kenny Chesney and Chris Stapleton)
Favorite Pastime: Golf


Dustin Wienecke, President

Dustin Wienecke was hired as HealthCo’s second employee when he joined the company in 1998. Dustin led the technical team for ten years before ascending to General Manager. Today, as HealthCo’s President Dustin is focused creating amazing customer experiences by improving today’s “gold standard” of service. “Through Centricity, we are able to provide efficiencies within medical practices and a vastly improved exposure to data which improves patient care,” says Dustin. “I hear tremendous success stories from customers on a regular basis that range from providing critical patient information to providers on call, to saving lives through early cancer detection made possible by our implementation of Centricity.” 

Favorite Portland restaurant: Toro Bravo
Most exotic location visited: The Republic of Slovenia
College mascot: Fighting Duck
Dream car: McLaren P1


Cari Thomas, CFO

Named Portland area CFO of the Year in 2013, Cari Thomas, does so much more than “crunch numbers.” Cari earns the trust of her HealthCo colleagues by telling compelling stories behind the data, helping the entire organization better understand the impact of financial decisions. Cari says, “Every day at HealthCo brings with it a new opportunity to learn and deliver quality results. I am surrounded by smart and talented individuals who take a tremendous amount of pride in their work and in being able to support our customers in an exceptional manner. We value hard work, each other, and the importance of enjoying what we do.”

Favorite airport: ATL (for its many choices to eat, watch football and get a massage)
Go-to after work beverage: Vodka and soda with a lime
Dream car: A jet, followed by a cab
Favorite vacations spot: Somewhere with lots of sun and sand


Andrea Cunningham, Director of Professional Services

Andrea Cunningham came to HealthCo in 1998 with a wealth of experience managing finances and operations in clinical settings. Andrea has walked a mile in our customers’ shoes, and this focus helps guide her decisions today as HealthCo’s head of training and implementation. “At HealthCo, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the work lives of medical office staff, who are themselves dedicated to taking care of others,” says Andrea. “I find it rewarding to make our customer’s everyday tasks easier to perform and employees more efficient.”

College mascot: Gauchos
Favorite airport: London Heathrow
Favorite vacation spot: One of our great National Parks

Bill Giacone, Director of Sales

Bill Giacone joined HealthCo in 2017 directly from GE Healthcare, where he served as a top performing Regional Sales Executive on the East Coast. Before joining GE Healthcare, Giacone was a founder of Virtual OfficeWare (VOW), the next largest GE Centricity VAR, after HealthCo and Quatris. While at VOW, Giacone did many of his own product demos and worked directly with VOW’s early customers before taking on sales leadership and other duties as the organization grew. cloud. “For the past few years, the need for revenue cycle management and financial risk management tools has been great,” says Giacone. “I see that trend continuing as clinics struggle to capture revenue, keep and train staff, and meet their financial performance goals.” Giacone is a graduate of Hofstra University in New York and a lifelong Mets fan.

Favorite Team: NY Islanders
Favorite Restaurant: Angelo’s in Little Italy
Favorite Music: Mostly rock (U2)
College Mascot: Pride (Lions)
Dream Car:’56 white Caddy with red leather interior