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The healthcare marketplace is increasingly complex and getting more unmanageable by the week. Physicians and practice administrators are faced with a maddening new tangle of laws and codes that must be followed precisely, or claims go unpaid. It’s harder than ever to run a profitable medical practice. The good news is, we successfully manage this growing complexity and help clinics get paid on time, so doctors, nurses and everyone on the clinic team can focus on delivering better patient care.

logo_with_tag HealthCo is an award-winning value-added reseller for GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution—a top EMR and practice management solution used by thousands of clinics across the nation. EMR and practice management software is essential to the profitability of any medical practice. Clinics rely on our strategic implementation, training, and support and appreciate that many of our core team members worked inside clinics before joining HealthCo. At HealthCo, we understand the clinic environment and where our services and software can help drive positive financial results.

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Measure Methodically To Make A Major Difference

Clinics are working overtime to meet the demands of value-based care. In today’s healthcare environment, it pays to have a firm grasp on your clinic’s key performance indicators. That’s why we made this new visual aid to help elevate the importance of tracking to your clinic’s bottom line. Chris Lay of Cascade Orthopedics says, “Centricity

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Meet Jonathan Dannevik, Financial Support Analyst

Members of HealthCo’s support team bring a wealth of experiences and talents to the table every day. In Jonathan Dannevik’s case, his art background is in play. He’s a talented illustrator with a children’s book coming out this month, and a decade of experience working as a systems analyst for the high-pressure futures traders in

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